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The Reflective part of our collective history.

We are in the throes of the reflection. Can’t you feel it? Remakes of movies, 70s, 80s, 90s cover bands, and anything else that can be sold as nostalgia – is being sold at an alarming rate. So are we done creating as a collective species? Have we imagined every 3D scenario worth imaging? Our Facebook profiles synthesize our lives in such a precise and border bound way, that we are able to meticulously reflect our inner lives in an accessible outer way. We are able to cast out our own approved reflection to the world. Comic book movies reflect how a director/producer/writer now see the comic book heroes of their youth, on the big screen, with relevant actors of our time, and planting topical thoughts on our current government/economy/media culture. It does feel that through technology and access to information, we’re at a point we’re we can take several steps back and really start to deconstruct our collective history. As if “pre-internet” was more about the pure act of creating in the dark, taking chances on style, music, and expression. Now we’re all able to pick and choose from the sea of media at our fingertips and assimilate exactly what we want into our current mode of living. It’s a refinement phase, where we realize that in a sense there’s nothing left to create, and we’re only interested in duplicating that which is most appealing to our own sensibilities.


The podcast evolution also plays along with this idea of reflection and deconstruction. Comics deconstructing society and their own lives, sometimes up to 2-3 hours on a weekly basis. The listener is able to listen in on these comics own form of self-therapy and maybe gain some insight into their own lives. (Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell, Danielle Bolelli, Marc Maron, and Chelsea Peretti are a few that come to mind.) It’s the moving away from scripted entertainment, towards less fabricated laughs, and more of “the real” as “the real” stands somewhat threatened in the light of computers making everything feel so fabricated and precise in our daily lives. Podcasts preserve “the real” as we assimilate more and more into the beginning stages of The Singularity. In my mind, The Singularity, which was first proposed by Ray Kurzweil, is all about bringing the world together as a collective government, economy, and media outlet. It feels quite threatening to some of us, because a large part of our psyche is still tribal and still bound to an older biblical sense of ownership over other humans and land. As resources become more finite and populations expand, this idea of nations living and dying off by themselves will become more apparent. You already see it with the paradigm of dictators being exposed and the idea of one ruler getting away with whatever they want, simply not being able to persist as the rampant availability of cameras/social media forces us as a collective to start figuring out what the collective rights/wrongs should be going forward.

This comes back to this generation being a more reflective generation. We’re really all going through thorough history lessons, in order that the rest of this century isn’t just some repetitive take on what came before. The internet has in a sense been created and excelled at such a fast rate, in order that enough people wake up to the damage that is already done or will continue to be done if at least personal changes are not made.


Newtown reaction. More guns equals more fear.

Guns, guns, and more guns. I fall on the side of less guns. I see a lot of my facebook friends on the side of the same amount of guns, or more guns being available to every citizen. It comes down to the world you personally want to live in. Do you think everyone should be issued a gun when they receive their license at 17? Should there be some kind of mandated right, that puts tax dollars towards issuing every natural born citizen a gun?

Do you want to live in a country, where if your words are taken out of context, you may have to face a gun to your head? Or consider road rage, conversation at a bar, fans at a sporting event, or even conversation at a wedding reception – One wrong word or action and back up buster, “what are you trying to say to me again?” This kind of fear based, dystopia that so many are willing to submit to confuses me. Progress doesn’t mean arming every citizen. Sure mental health is a major issue and Big Pharma isn’t helping, along with doctors who willing prescribe medication for the immediate kick backs they receive. But semi-automatic weapons, shotguns, and machine guns? Really do we need that much power to feel safe? Are we over compensating just a bit?

This is all opinion of course, I’m not here to cite statistics, polls, or quote any leftist anti-gun fanatic. It also comes down to a basic mistrust that a large portion of the population has towards government. Especially now with the instantaneous information available on government corruption, it’s easy for pro-gun groups or sites to prompt the mantra of “well we always gotta be ready for the government to come knocking on our doors, demanding our guns back!” This kind of paranoid mind set seems to be getting worse. Do people not realize the amazing technological capabilities the military has at its disposal? Really what’s a simple handgun going to do, when you consider the abilities the government now has with dialing in drone attacks from the southwest desert, towards any spot of land in the world.


A gun is just our last stand as citizens, in our monkey minds its the last thing that technically “could” protect us from a possible rogue administration that wishes to cart us away, or demand we leave our houses. A hand gun comparable to what a cop carries, should be all that is available. Anything larger is excessive and ultimately just a tool for the insane to kill off large amounts of innocent people in a short amount of time. Can we not refine our laws and get beyond the impulsive reaction of just wanting to beat our collective chests to the tune of the 2nd amendment? Do you think the founding fathers in 1791 envisioned the advanced weaponry that would be made available by gun manufacturers to almost anyone, with the right amount of manipulation and know how?

So what about hunting? Well how about a technology that would enable the hunter to use a gun within the radius of public land that is a designated hunting area. Once you leave that area, the gun is disabled and cannot be loaded or used. There are plenty of revisions and laws that could be drawn up, however the NRA and its lobbying factions currently have too much sway with corrupted politicians. There will seemingly never be enough people killed, before some drastic measure is taken in congress. And with the population in this country continuing to grow, individual human lives are regarded less and less. Just look at the quality of life in China or India. So all we can do as individuals is pick a side, be passionate about it, and let the larger opinion have its say, and allow this country to become what it wants – for better or for worse.

Diamond Consciousness, Jobs, Careers, and the like.

No manual. No manual. No manual. No manual. No manual. No manuel. No man-uwell. No man-u-el. JOB, CAREER, JOB, CAREER. No manual. No manual. What do you like to do? Where can you see yourself in 5 years? What kind of career can you imagine yourself in? Spatial awareness being as it is, makes it difficult to hone in on one specific paradigm of being, working, evolving, transmitting, and making “career money.” Space Wunderkind. Space Wunderkind. I’m keeping it all together right? Well for now, of course. Faced with real hardship, might slink to the corner and be real apathetic. Maybe I’ve fought this game for many times before, reached a point of no more fight, just reaction, take it in and react to it?

Simpler living, everyone wants to move to simpler living. Less in-fighting, less aim for whatever “would” make you the most presentable human being to those that are immediately around you. Prognosis: Artist, creator, evolver, reactor, interaction within the colors, shapes, lines, and words concerned with real feeling. This is the prognosis, us the evolved space kids of outer planet Shpongleland imbue upon your likeness. You asked for it and you got it. “It” won’t be easy, but you knew that, as you painfully accepted re-entry to the earth planet. You didn’t think you had to come back, you thought you were through. “You” were wrong. There are hundreds of years left, to fine tune this horribly vague notion that is an evolving humanity. The diamond is still encased within thousands of layers of confusion, ugliness, racism, and fabrication. Let’s say the diamond was originally quite present, quite available to others, it existed as a whole and could be observed by any passerby, in the sky. Now, after thousands of human years, the diamond has been obscured and has been laid to a hazy misunderstanding, and only slinks further into the corner of our consciousness.

The urge to meditate.

The urge to meditate. Where exactly does it come from? Anyone out there want to ponder a guess? I’m dumbfounded. It could be rooted in escapism, steps towards some kind of “enlightenment”, or something more mysterious. But I respect the urge. I honor it and usually follow it down to see where it will take me. Most nights its using a youtube video I’ve found called “Universal Mind Meditation” by Kelly Howell. I must have randomly found it one night just searching youtube for meditation material. It’s about 30 minutes and I usually can make it to about the 20 minute mark, before my animal instincts take over and my mind rushes for more immediate stimulation.

The several times I’ve used it, I have been able to get into somewhat of a deep trance, although still aware of my body and my surroundings. The sensation I’ve found most unique is when my arms finally go numb. Like my mind is registering that “yes in fact Sam, your arms have gone numb. This is your mind speaking and I have no use in paying any attention or blood service to your arms, so I will just be with you here…in your brain and we’ll have this moment to moment exchange.” I know, strange to personalize my mind and hypothetically quote it.

I’ve always found that sitting cross-legged was uncomfortable and I’m just generally a fidgety person to begin with. Laying down, with some form of music seems to be working well. The numbness is intriguing though. My arms and legs seem to fade away and there’s no real sensations being felt. Like I can intellectually admit that these limbs are still attached to my body, but physically they could very well be detached and I would not know the difference. This also runs counter to 99 percent of my waking life, as these limbs are always being used in some direct or subtle way. I suppose the urge to experience this form of numbness provides my mind with a sense of novelty and I think i’ve been a novelty seeker since birth.

This urge. Is this an urge to detach from my body? Do I truly wish for my mind/consciousness to float above my body and seek the cosmos for my life’s own unique answers? Possibly. Meditation is simply the only way to get a sort of psychedelic rush without the morning after hangovers accompanied by chemicals.

NFL, football, football as a sedative, football as catharsis


(joe six pack philosophic diatribe)

Fuck statistics, fuck passing yards, fucking rushing  yards, and fuck domestic beer commercials. Football is a waste of fucking time. You’re essentially living as your 12 year old self would want to live for the rest of eternity. You’re returning to yourself as a 12 year old, that played pop warner football, and had no doubts about the future. You’re lying to yourself just as the junkie lies to himself about returning  to true bliss each time. I’d even go to say, that football is a substance. Football is the hypnotic solution to the chaotic, out of order industrialized landscape you can’t escape on a day to day basis. Football is this kind of head rush of innocence, the refs HAVE to be fair, the refs BETTER be fair, its a chance to witness something that can’t be rigged. It can’t be rigged like our financial system, it can’t be rigged like our military industrial system, it can’t be rigged like our childs future system, and it can’t be rigged or else..! We as fans will revolt, will writhe in disgust, stay up late worried about the future of the league…This is only goddamn pure thing we have as a people!! Don’t ruin this for us, don’t take this purity away!