“Deletebook” a new idea going forward

What if there was a site that contained all of your deleted facebook wall posts? You know those posts you put up in the wee hours of the morning, as you’re thoroughly baked or just too sloshed – and your internal edit button is temporarily disabled. Imagine an anonymous site that categorized all of the deleted wall posts ever “posted” on facebook? What would this look like? Would anyone care? Could this idea move into something further? I suppose there would just be a small app. to install that would automatically direct your deleted post to this site.

I would be interested to see what people thought of as too honest, too rude, or just too raunchy for their “friends.” I think at first, when facebook was delegated to only college students, there was a more liberal, free-flowing atmosphere. Now with the right amount of money (i’ve had first hand experience with this at one of my jobs), it seems that future employers have the ability to read up on your goings ons whether you’re their friend or not. So there’s more of a cautious approach now with most people.

But for all I know Facebook already has this kind of site at their corporate headquarters. Every message that is deleted is categorized and then gawked at by their employees. But could I create a domain name like deletebook.com? Of course then I would have to get the ok with FB and that seems like a longshot. Just a random thought.