one word advertising and grabbing ears

Quick rant and why not.

It’s either 92.9 or 92.5 “the river” in boston. But it’s a new way of advertising that I’ve never really seen or heard before. I’m forced to listen to a lot of radio because my tape player is busted, so no more Ipod adaptation. Anyways get to the point.

Blue Man Group.

That’s it. Just the name of the act, the event, the show…Spoken by the on-air talent that announces a lot of upcoming shows, events, and station promotions. She isn’t actually a host of anything, it’s just a voice you can associate with the station.

This kind of falls in line with Blue Man Group, as they are quite the minimalists if you’ve ever seen one of their shows. But it got me to thinking about this short and to the point form of advertising. I think as a society we’re so programmed to just consciously tune out a 30 second spot, that the catchiness of “blue man group” which lasts all of 2 seconds is a new-old technique for our soundbyte- ADD- attention spans.

I can imagine TV commercials with 10 second spots. “Mcdonalds” in white letters with a black backdrop. No sound, flashing images, just one word for 10 seconds. Now I have a feeling that most people would be so caught off guard by this simple technique, that it would stick in their craw for days – much like the blue moon group ad has for me.

It’s like the advertising industry has maxed out and reverting back is the only way to hook people anymore. The Circle completes itself? Then adds another ring, spiraling again and again?