We’re all becoming reporters because we feel the earth is about to…

       I had this what if scenario pop in my head last night. What if all this documenting we’re doing, via camera phones, ustream, ipads, and “I” everything else – is a sub-conscious attempt to grab everything under a lense before it all blows up in front of us? As if we as a race, can feel the plug about to be pulled, whether it will be through nuclear annihilation, comet/asteoroid, or something else. We are producing the artifacts that the future of humanity will rely on, in order to piece together and come up with some formulation of our “past civilization”, in order to move forward. We’re doing this in order that humanity can progress, beyond any kind of massive attack we may be faced with in the future. Which could also be a tie into reincarnation, as we would want to come back to a place that was similar to when we were alive.
             My generation (30 and younger) and generation’s younger are essentially sacrificing being alive, being in the moment, for the role of note taker, record recorder, and videographer. You see this with 90 percent of concert goers being their own documentarian for the evening, focusing more on 3 inches of screen, rather than the amazing musical display that is flesh and blood in front of them. A band they may never see again in person, yet they’re more content mostly preserving the evening for later viewing. But why? Why such a need to be this reporter? Is this just a new “Ken Burnsian” gene we’ve all acquired and we want to be the best documentarian on our block? Or does our planet face some extreme attack and only our electronics will somehow be salvagable for the few remaining humans that survive?
             I also think all of this data mining is new to us, this ability to record and capture, and ability to file it away for presumably all eternity. It’s a new sensation for our brains to grasp. Where as before it was a given that you’d take in as much as you could from a live performance, then go home and recount the event in the finest of detail; Which I think forced people to acquire a stronger vocabulary, as the better story teller was the more fascinating and wanted person at any dinner party or gathering. It forced people to be more literate and imaginative. I mean the original movie star, before movie stars, was the author – the famous author that held private parties. High society always had their host of authors and historians on hand to entertain the crowds. Now it’s just point and click, don’t ask me, just watch. In this way we’re kind of reverting back to our ape like tendencies, as we say less, and act out more, just look at youtube. 2 minutes of extreme living, aka “jackass” scenarios, or any other daring stunt is becoming what our prime time entertainment revolves around. (Tosh.O – return of Fear Factor – Wacky stunt shows we’ve imported from Japan – UFC/MMA – list goes on)
              I also believe we’re trying desperately to hold on to our physical bodies, as computers demand more of our minds and glue us to chairs. We’re putting our bodies through more challenges, to prove ourselves to this new world stage, and to prove that computers haven’t completely rendered our bodies useless, just yet.
           Then there’s the potential idea that our facebook wall’s are repositories for our future selves, when we might be suffering from some dementia or Alzheimers. Maybe a unique way of remembering, with hopefully the right drugs to slow down the degrading process. Humans in general are very intuitive and I think most of this technology goes beyond the instant gratification of gaming and new apps to share with friends. I think it’s being created in as a way to insure future generations can pick up where we left off. Just a hunch.

Facebook thought of the day

I’m very fascinated by social networking sites, especially Facebook and Myspace. It’s a phenomenon all to it’s own and I have the great privilege to live through it. (How great I’m not so sure?) But I had this idea surrounding Facebook.

What if all of this recording of data is really two fold in its implications. The first reason, which tends to be more cynical, airs like this. The internet is free to use, unregulated, and open to anyone with a computer – but only for a 15-20 year time period. During this period of time, data mining operations are set up across the world, and we are all being individually mined for later use. Whether it be for that government job interview, promotion, or in case of arrest, used against or for you in the court of law.

The second reason for it, which could tend to be more subconscious on a worldwide consciousness level, sounds something like this. All of this recording of data about ourselves, our pictures, our words of wisdom, quotes, are likes and dislikes, is data that we will thankfully have access to when we are much older. We may run into the much dreaded, but on the rise Alzheimer’s disease. Our family will pull up all our files and they will desperately try to get us to respond to anything from our earlier days. Alzheimer’s is a severe example. I should say any disease or accident that occurs, which impairs memory loss – like a stroke/acute amnesia of some sort?

So of course the glass is half full or half empty with both cases. The paradox of the first being that we have all this online freedom to represent our individuality, yet if its all just being used for market research and how to better take aim at our demographic, what are we sacrificing in the end?

Even through blogging here, I’m realizing that I’m too much of a paranoid cynic at times. Although these ideas really lead to sci-fi novels/movies. Maybe my kids will be entertained by them done the line. We shall see.