Duncan Trussell made me think it…with a little help from Ram Dass.

The jokester is the most alone, because he is too afraid to approach his true feelings on most anything. He cloaks his feelings with sarcasm, wit, dry humor, darkness, and many other devices of diversion. But those around him, continue to not know him, know his “real” stances. But then again his constant questioning of whats real and whats not, may have just allowed him to slip into this constant state of contradiction, or inherent contrarian nature. It could also be the result of several psychedelic experiences, which really strip the veil and presents life as some kind of intricate plaything, a thing to knock fun at, a thing to twist in ones own mind. But the 80 percent that surround him are still quite rigid, still quite committed to making “the game” work for them and the immediate lives around them. Still raising their kids in some bleary eyed hope that things will get better and that their lives will unfold like an amalgamation of hollywood movies they placed some trust in while their young brain stems were still taking root.


So how does the sarcasmo, the comedian, and jokester ever really square up and be honest at all times, devoid of constant knocks of humor and absurdity? Is this person specifically borne into the world, in order to mix up the pot of straight laced ness, in order to contradict republicans, in order that they may see the rigidness that pervades their whole existence? In order that these devolved beasts might just stop for a minute and consider other avenues of thought? And vice versa, as this republican soul force, inspires the absurdist to bend even more, become even more strange to the world, and push their own creative boundaries – all in a sweet, duality laced reaction.

I’ve always appreciated the many teachings on duality, on its use, its necessity, and unavoidable nature in this 3rd dimension reality. Matter and Anti-Matter, Thought and Object, and all the rest you’ve ever heard and understood. As I get more into Ram Dass’ teachings, Duncan Trussell’s rants, and conversations with Ron, the pot of my own consciousness is seemingly stirred and spat upon on a daily basis. 

I am however, a whore for Novelty, as most of the younger generations are. I watch at work, as someone I work with is addicted to “Fail” videos, videos that are pretty much America’s Funniest Home Videos, without Bob Saget inserting his corny dialogue inbetween videos. But he’ll just hypnotically stream these videos, one after another, or car chases, cop chases, and then the most random, ironic, and out of place photos available on the web. A constant splurge of novelty! The web is the ultimate destination of novelty production, as we are still somewhat allowed, to avoid the obnoxious commercials that have less and less meaning as the veil of everything is lifted.

And of course originally, when TV was gaining popularity, commercials were still quite novel and addictive to the average viewer. “Where and how am I going to spend my money this week?” But as families became more middle class and needs were met, popular brands leveled off, and we started to catch onto the game. A commercial for me is the ultimate form of torture and mind poison. I’ll mute them in my car and don’t really watch cable TV anymore. The jig is truly up for most people and the consciousness that is developing is one of ultimate truth, ultimate felt experience, and all the rest that falls short, that preys on illusion or shadows is falling to the wayside (except big pharma, they’re right on track.)

It’s why I constantly admire the medium that is the podcast. A meeting of minds in real time, conversing about whatever may randomly transpire in actual conversation. No “2 and a half men” laugh tracks to treat you like a comedy viewing infant.

In closing, in this emerging age of Aquarius, “felt experience” is the ruling doctrine for upcoming generations to admire and pledge their full allegiance to. “Can I touch it, can I smell it, can I hear it, can I stick my fingers into it, and of course can I plunge my cock into it?” The brain is thinking in these more immediate terms, as the age of patriarchy (dad/king/pope/god knows whats best for you) is fading, and a more receptive age of matriarchy is taking its place. Gathering/Receiving data in all fields of experience, reviewing/commenting/and assessing material online with others, and allowing a general consensus to form, organically/horizontally, rather than from the classic pyramid scheme of top to bottom.


My Top 4 podcasts of the last year

1. Joe Rogan (www.ustream.tv/joerogan)

I’ve been a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience for quite some time now. He started doing the podcast at the end of ’09 with his sidekick “Redban”. (aka ManBoy) I think I originally got interested in Rogan as a comic after watching a few of his vids. on youtube where he talks about his experience on DMT and mushrooms. Definitely one of the most raw, spontaneous, morbidly funny, and unscripted 2 hour show you’ll see. After I watched the podcast for a few months, I found myself really losing intersted in scripted television. I think most people are so into “Curb Your Enthusiasm” type shows because of the spontaneous, off the cuff comedy that it promotes. That’s why when I see a show like “2 and a half men” I feel like it’s the top rudder of the Titanic and middle America is holding onto it with dear life. “Canned laughter you are my friend. Please don’t leave my side! I need to be with you once a week. And those repetitive Charlie Sheen (now Ashton Kutcher) put down lines of Alan are just so darn hillarious! Plus the half man is so quirky and quick on his feet, cute little guy!”


2. The Lavender Hour (www.lavenderhour.com)



3. Bill Burr’s “Monday Morning Podcast” (www.themmpodcast.com)


4. Adam Carolla (www.adamcarolla.com)

“enough with the chicken shit tickets!”