Lorde, Donald Trump, Marijuana, and Gnostic Living.

Lorde divided 


The 2nd coming of Christ is partially Lorde the singer. She’s one of the many that are part of this epochs second coming transmission. In the most literal way she’s preaching against royalty, the striving to be among the elite/wealthy, and I think that’s why her message is resonating. The other side of the coin is Donald Trump and in a dualistic reality, many trumps will always be parading around. But that’s ok. Because maybe sooner or the kids of other trumps will turn away from such a shallow reality.

I believe Jesus divided his energies among thousands of GenXers and Millenials. The opposite of a destructive virus. He figured this would be the most efficient method in evolving the planet. Rather than putting all of the worlds wisdom, grace, and beauty into one man or woman, why not spread this form of wisdom into many. Why create one figurehead for the establishment to snuff out? (Lennon, Kennedy, Marley, Gandhi, etc etc etc) And it’s working! His message is coming across, but not in a holier than thou way. You could even say Pope Francis has some of this Jesus Juju inside of him and it’s allowing him to radically transform the catholic church.

72156f442869c8d69ba4bf9b9bd72468(painting by Alex Grey)

In my opinion, marijuana is quickly overtaking the deadly clutch that alcohol has had on the planet for many thousands of years. You can imagine a day when people will be able to see their bodies and lives in a virtual reality setting – 10, 20, 30 years down the road after having drank steadily every day of their life. “So this is what will happen to my skin, memory, outlook on life…if I drink in this way.” A kind of a projection center where users type in the drug, stimulant, etc. they want to see interacting with their own DNA structure over many years. This kind of visualization could turn a full generation off of alcohol and pills. Greater technology in this way could allow us to make more informed choices with how we choose to live.

God is and always has been a chameleon. Religions attempt to profit off of an individual’s “felt experience” and its childish use of metaphors to explain the unexplainable, has left quite a stale taste in humanity’s mouth in general. Having any kind of genuine felt experience and then relating to others experiences, that’s gnosis to me. Meeting someone halfway on almost anything is a spiritual act. Connecting with another human being is really the only church you should strive to be inside of. It’s not a brick and mortar church and there’s no real prophet to be made.

More on all of this at some later date.



Spotify and other companies hot pursuit to figure you out

Monday morning meditations go something like this. Find the right music to set the mood for the day. This could come in the form of Brian Setzer, Philip Glass, or Kyuss. It’s hard to say what each particular monday will require in terms of listening, as mood is dictated by many factors or simply what one has eaten/drank the night before? The anxiety or general feeling of “here we go again” can be felt among all of those that pass you in the hallways, in traffic, or at a convenience store. While on the job, it’s of course hard to pass the hours with drink or anything else deemed mind altering, due to the always present paranoia that you’ll be found out to be under the influence.

Music becomes the most obvious choice of brain stimulant, in order that the ennui of the day does not dry out ones soul too thoroughly. Spotify affords this instantaneous sampling of music and at times can be overwhelming in it’s sheer breadth of choices. But it seems like going forward, we live in a world where music can be administered as an audio soma tablet. Similar to Aldous Huxley’s view of the many available stimulants available in his book “Brave New World”. Within Spotify there are songs to party to, workout to, focus with, have dinner to, travel with, enjoy holidays to, and everything in-between. Spotify has removed all of the guesswork and has simplified life in a way that your corresponding mood or life’s activity, can be accompanied by the “right” kind of music. But who are the curators that are compiling these playlists? Surely they’re biased and you’re trusting the Spotify brand to a certain extent. But no more digging through your record/cd collection and who has access to this when at work, on the road, or out in nature? This always on approach is here to stay. (no duh you’re probably saying, stating the obvious much) But this is a very recent change, this whole idea of streaming anywhere at anytime, anything. It’s comforting, but feels like listening to music is being forced more into the background of our everyday interfacing with computers. We’re not just hanging around a record player, exchanging glances with lovers and friends, listening to each lyric and guitar solo with bated breathe. Now it’s this accessory that we can wear like a belt or ski cap.

Add to this the exact pill for whatever ails you and our levels of comfort have never been more precise or cushy. Podcasts operate in a similar way, as we’re able to find comedians, philosophers, and musicians that mirror our own beliefs/likes/dislikes. The specificity of culture is really what the 21st century is presenting to us and will continue to present an even more exact model, as the economy becomes much more consumer friendly down to our own DNA and the marketing of products that will benefit us in the future rather than just the present. “Your DNA sequence, lineage, previous cultural influences say that this product will have great use to you in 2 years, so why not give us a down payment for it now…so when it comes out, you’ll be the first to receive it.” I suppose marketing and consumer based products have always revolved around the notion of providing you with something you had not previously realized you needed. (The TV show Shark Tank highlights this notion quite well) It also ties into the data mining that confronts us at every turn, as a definitive profile of our habits, wants, desires, etc. is cultivated as we go to CVS, stop and shop, or purchase something online. Marketing majors and Admen are working tirelessly in order to remove the guesswork from buying product A or B.

It’s more about presenting things to us in a manner that is super personalized, making us feel special and meant for a product. Rather than just said product existing and companies having some kind of blind faith that you’ll discover it on your own. It would seem more advantageous to bring said products to you, based of off what you’ve previously bought and continue to buy. It’s just about weaving these things into your daily digital existence in a subtle and unassuming way, so purchasing them doesn’t feel like a selfish thing but a necessary thing in order to supplement your evolving personality type.