Will you be reincarnated as a household pet?

So this is me trying to get back to posting something once a day, a worthy goal for any wannabe writer on the net. Today’s subject revolves around reincarnation and specifically people reincarnating into household pets. I’ve never really read anything on this idea, thus my interest in the idea. If living within every moment of your life, is the ultimate goal to conscious living, then the life of a cat comes pretty close to this. If you live with cats you understand how articulate, speculative, and precise a cat can be when it moves about its day. Although you’d say speculation is part of a forward thinking, future based mental process, it’s more so instant speculation and instant decision making. Just watch as your cat eyeballs you with its dead stare, right before it either moves towards you or swats at spirits us mere humans will never see.

13 years of sizing up each moment, opportunity, or curious adventure and testing their bodies limits. (stretching, clawing, yawning, licking at odd angles) 13 years, all provided for carte blanche; food, housing, heating, water, activities, love, compassion, and whatever brand of cat nip they so desire. In short, living like miniature furry kings and queens. Ultimately the destiny little girls aspire to, as their parents read to them about beautiful princesses that essentially make it through life just for being beautiful – all is provided. (Hopefully these same girls grow up to desire a life that’s somewhat more fulfilling and empathetic towards others, but you understand my point.)

So what if cats and dogs are just housing the souls of very old human souls? It’s the last go around, the last time these souls will ever take on physical properties that are allowed to roam around planet earth. A great way to sum up your soul’s existence, by being in a state of complete “awareness” never having to consider the past or future, just required to be a simple cat or dog. And all the while your human owner will cherish you, look out for you, train your small cat or dog body with all the habits you’ll have to take on – lest you not piss off said owner too frequently. But you’ll receive an overall feeling of being honored as a pet, something never dreamed of while in a human state. This is of course assuming that your owner would be a caring, loving, and compassionate gatekeeper for your last go around on earth.

Karma would have to play into being with an owner that was physically/mentally harmful, or just plain ignored your existence, maybe feeding you just often enough to keep you alive. Maybe for some sick sadistic reason.

You have to reason then, just like humans, that to every cuddly cat or playful dog that exists, the opposite must be true. Orphaned dogs, runaway dogs, rebel dogs, killer dogs, and all the rest. Karma pets through and through. But this hypothesis relies on the fact that humans last pit stop with reincarnation is by being either a pet or animal. An abandoned animal would be a human soul that left his or her own family and now must face the opposite, albeit in a very fragile body that cannot speak a human’s language. The situations pets or animals are found in our reality could all just be seen in a cause and effect kind of way – a karmic retribution pattern.

12-15 years is about the average amount for any household pet to live and if you were truly living in the moment as a pet, I’m sure this time would seem more like 4-5 years or maybe even less. But what a way to cap off your soul’s earthly existence. No need for language, no need to be understood, no need to form a career, care for kids, etc. Pure being, with a never ending amount of naps strewn about the day. And throughout this venture, a constant source of love for your owner, a pure energetic being that radiates love and compassion just by being there. Hitler cats, Gandhi cats, Stalin dogs, Pope John dogs, and whatever other personality you could translate into an animal.

A good take on pets and their supposed purpose.

ZetaTalk: Pets
Note: written on Oct 15, 1996

Humans keep pets for multiple reasons, but primarily as substitutes for human contact. Pets are more predictable, more easily controlled, and beyond any natural bond of affection that develops between pet owner and pet, they can be trained to react in what can be interpreted to be a warm and friendly response. They invariably prove to be good listeners. Humans have kept pets for as long as they have been able to sustain an imaginative thought, as pet owners are certainly imaginative in what they ascribe to their pets. It has been said that pet owners take on the appearance of their pets as time passes. In fact, the opposite is the case – the pet owner chooses the pet as its persona matches the would be pet owner. Humans identify with their pets, so as to have a companion that they presume will relate to them. Ah, there’s another me, they say, someone who will understand. Along those lines:

  • Dog owners desire more assertive activity in their life, want to be able to assert themselves in human society more than they do, and vicariously enjoy it when their pets snatch food off the table, pee where and upon whatever they wish, and openly defy orders from strangers with a dumb look on their face. Owners of aggressive attack dogs are making the statement – don’t mess with me. Owners of pampered poodles or tiny Chihuahuas are making the statement – I wish to be taken care of and can’t be expected to go out into the rough and tumble world.
  • Cat owners are essentially aloof and tightly control their lives. They may be outgoing in appearance, but close examination reveals that they do so as a well orchestrated act. In fact, they distrust life and what it presents, and don’t want other humans to presume that they can simply march into the cat owner’s life. Owners of single cats are less secure in human society than owners of cat herds, as although they maintain tight control over their private world, they want some other warm blooded creature to be forced to share this with them, the cat owner being the only social interaction available to the cat. Owners of cat herds have ambitions to manage other humans, but are practicing with their cats.
  • Keeping a horse for recreation indicates a desire to be in charge, and in a big way. Women frequently outnumber men in this outlet, and for good reason. In most of human society, women are not allowed to manage, to startup and run companies, or to direct, regardless of their qualifications. At least on horseback they can soar over obstacles and fly across great distances, all the while acting as a director of these accomplishments. They are in charge, of something big and powerful, and the world is their audience.
  • Owners of passive pets or those pets that don’t interact with humans, such as fish or lizards or snakes or insects, are escaping into a world where there is relative peace and quiet, vicariously, through their pets. At the end of a hectic day, fighting with traffic and unreasonable customers and a demanding boss, they can come home and put themselves, at least mentally, into the placid world of the fish tank, or bask in the sunlamp with the pet lizard, or sleep endlessly in one place without a care in the world with their pet snake. They are making the statement that they wish that were their world.
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