The movie Gattaca and random lyrics

A very strange coincidence, intuitive spark, psychic parallel, synchronicity or what?

Last night I was playing my electric through my fender amp and had some strange, spacey sounding effects on. I was running my guitar through a delay pedal and using various on amp effects as well. I came up with the lyrics “when I was 9 years old I use to talk to my older brother about how one day I dreamed about vacationing on the space station.” of course in a more sing-song kind of way. But the gist of the lyrics, or song I was starting, revolved around these 2 brothers. How the older brother didn’t have faith in the younger and thought his ideas were too far fetched. NOW..just 4 minutes ago I started to watch the movie “Gattaca” with Jude law, Ethan hawke, and Uma thurman. Wouldn’t you know one of the brothers, dreamed about going to space and was generally obsessed about the planets. Now out of all the Netflix movies I could have started to watch, why Gattaca and why this strong parallel from yesterday. It certainly hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe I’ll have 2 sons and this intuition will go even further?