The Reflective part of our collective history.

We are in the throes of the reflection. Can’t you feel it? Remakes of movies, 70s, 80s, 90s cover bands, and anything else that can be sold as nostalgia – is being sold at an alarming rate. So are we done creating as a collective species? Have we imagined every 3D scenario worth imaging? Our Facebook profiles synthesize our lives in such a precise and border bound way, that we are able to meticulously reflect our inner lives in an accessible outer way. We are able to cast out our own approved reflection to the world. Comic book movies reflect how a director/producer/writer now see the comic book heroes of their youth, on the big screen, with relevant actors of our time, and planting topical thoughts on our current government/economy/media culture. It does feel that through technology and access to information, we’re at a point we’re we can take several steps back and really start to deconstruct our collective history. As if “pre-internet” was more about the pure act of creating in the dark, taking chances on style, music, and expression. Now we’re all able to pick and choose from the sea of media at our fingertips and assimilate exactly what we want into our current mode of living. It’s a refinement phase, where we realize that in a sense there’s nothing left to create, and we’re only interested in duplicating that which is most appealing to our own sensibilities.


The podcast evolution also plays along with this idea of reflection and deconstruction. Comics deconstructing society and their own lives, sometimes up to 2-3 hours on a weekly basis. The listener is able to listen in on these comics own form of self-therapy and maybe gain some insight into their own lives. (Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell, Danielle Bolelli, Marc Maron, and Chelsea Peretti are a few that come to mind.) It’s the moving away from scripted entertainment, towards less fabricated laughs, and more of “the real” as “the real” stands somewhat threatened in the light of computers making everything feel so fabricated and precise in our daily lives. Podcasts preserve “the real” as we assimilate more and more into the beginning stages of The Singularity. In my mind, The Singularity, which was first proposed by Ray Kurzweil, is all about bringing the world together as a collective government, economy, and media outlet. It feels quite threatening to some of us, because a large part of our psyche is still tribal and still bound to an older biblical sense of ownership over other humans and land. As resources become more finite and populations expand, this idea of nations living and dying off by themselves will become more apparent. You already see it with the paradigm of dictators being exposed and the idea of one ruler getting away with whatever they want, simply not being able to persist as the rampant availability of cameras/social media forces us as a collective to start figuring out what the collective rights/wrongs should be going forward.

This comes back to this generation being a more reflective generation. We’re really all going through thorough history lessons, in order that the rest of this century isn’t just some repetitive take on what came before. The internet has in a sense been created and excelled at such a fast rate, in order that enough people wake up to the damage that is already done or will continue to be done if at least personal changes are not made.


We’re all becoming reporters because we feel the earth is about to…

       I had this what if scenario pop in my head last night. What if all this documenting we’re doing, via camera phones, ustream, ipads, and “I” everything else – is a sub-conscious attempt to grab everything under a lense before it all blows up in front of us? As if we as a race, can feel the plug about to be pulled, whether it will be through nuclear annihilation, comet/asteoroid, or something else. We are producing the artifacts that the future of humanity will rely on, in order to piece together and come up with some formulation of our “past civilization”, in order to move forward. We’re doing this in order that humanity can progress, beyond any kind of massive attack we may be faced with in the future. Which could also be a tie into reincarnation, as we would want to come back to a place that was similar to when we were alive.
             My generation (30 and younger) and generation’s younger are essentially sacrificing being alive, being in the moment, for the role of note taker, record recorder, and videographer. You see this with 90 percent of concert goers being their own documentarian for the evening, focusing more on 3 inches of screen, rather than the amazing musical display that is flesh and blood in front of them. A band they may never see again in person, yet they’re more content mostly preserving the evening for later viewing. But why? Why such a need to be this reporter? Is this just a new “Ken Burnsian” gene we’ve all acquired and we want to be the best documentarian on our block? Or does our planet face some extreme attack and only our electronics will somehow be salvagable for the few remaining humans that survive?
             I also think all of this data mining is new to us, this ability to record and capture, and ability to file it away for presumably all eternity. It’s a new sensation for our brains to grasp. Where as before it was a given that you’d take in as much as you could from a live performance, then go home and recount the event in the finest of detail; Which I think forced people to acquire a stronger vocabulary, as the better story teller was the more fascinating and wanted person at any dinner party or gathering. It forced people to be more literate and imaginative. I mean the original movie star, before movie stars, was the author – the famous author that held private parties. High society always had their host of authors and historians on hand to entertain the crowds. Now it’s just point and click, don’t ask me, just watch. In this way we’re kind of reverting back to our ape like tendencies, as we say less, and act out more, just look at youtube. 2 minutes of extreme living, aka “jackass” scenarios, or any other daring stunt is becoming what our prime time entertainment revolves around. (Tosh.O – return of Fear Factor – Wacky stunt shows we’ve imported from Japan – UFC/MMA – list goes on)
              I also believe we’re trying desperately to hold on to our physical bodies, as computers demand more of our minds and glue us to chairs. We’re putting our bodies through more challenges, to prove ourselves to this new world stage, and to prove that computers haven’t completely rendered our bodies useless, just yet.
           Then there’s the potential idea that our facebook wall’s are repositories for our future selves, when we might be suffering from some dementia or Alzheimers. Maybe a unique way of remembering, with hopefully the right drugs to slow down the degrading process. Humans in general are very intuitive and I think most of this technology goes beyond the instant gratification of gaming and new apps to share with friends. I think it’s being created in as a way to insure future generations can pick up where we left off. Just a hunch.

WPAS – or Wall Post Anxiety Syndrome – Facebook users

I came up with a new anxiety disorder that I’ve yet to hear Dr. Drew talk about on his HLN show. “Wall Post Anxiety Syndrome.” The syndromes symptoms included the following: The inability to commit to what you’re spontaneously thinking; The inability to trust in your convictions that what you have to say is valid and worthwhile: The inability to have an actual opinion, rather than just being sarcastic, overly witty, or say where you’re currently stuffing your face with food or beer; The inability to possibly offend your parents/family/or close friend as you might be saying something that cuts to the core of their religious/politicial belief system(s).

So this is the basic outline. The syndrome also covers people that constantly come up with great comedic content, but within a minute, delete it out of fear that someone from work might read it and show it to their boss. Something that may be a little too edgy and not really worth being etched into the fabric of time. What if down the line this kind of syndrome or other syndromes surrounding the use of facebook, actually become legit? I’m already convinced that proper facebook conduct courses will start showing up in colleges, as a way to discourage students from revealing too much about themselves, as prospective job offers will be considerably smaller than if they remained more low key/conservative with their FB content. But then again aren’t you to be viewed as the extremist, outsider, if you don’t have an account, and aren’t posting regularly, posting pictures of others – to confirm your social rank?

Or I could see this kind of course offered to new parents as they try to immerse themselves in the proper ways to introduce social media into their children’s lives. What age? How much supervision and until what age should they supervise? Should they know every friend that is under their child’s name? Should they have the password to their child’s account, for the occasional check in. Facebook psychology is definitely going to be picking up steam in the years to come, as it remains the leader in social media.

“Deletebook” a new idea going forward

What if there was a site that contained all of your deleted facebook wall posts? You know those posts you put up in the wee hours of the morning, as you’re thoroughly baked or just too sloshed – and your internal edit button is temporarily disabled. Imagine an anonymous site that categorized all of the deleted wall posts ever “posted” on facebook? What would this look like? Would anyone care? Could this idea move into something further? I suppose there would just be a small app. to install that would automatically direct your deleted post to this site.

I would be interested to see what people thought of as too honest, too rude, or just too raunchy for their “friends.” I think at first, when facebook was delegated to only college students, there was a more liberal, free-flowing atmosphere. Now with the right amount of money (i’ve had first hand experience with this at one of my jobs), it seems that future employers have the ability to read up on your goings ons whether you’re their friend or not. So there’s more of a cautious approach now with most people.

But for all I know Facebook already has this kind of site at their corporate headquarters. Every message that is deleted is categorized and then gawked at by their employees. But could I create a domain name like Of course then I would have to get the ok with FB and that seems like a longshot. Just a random thought.

Parallel Universes and the way we experience “ourselves” right now

A thought popped into my head about web use. Recently I’ve randomly heard/read quite a few interviews which have dealt with the idea of parallel universes. And my proposal is this:

Could it be possible, that by branching off all over the web, each of us as individuals are creating are own parallel web universes? If I create seperate identities for Twitter, wordpress, gmail, aol, yahoo, myspace, facebook, etc, etc…Am I not in effect allowing for these seperate identities to thrive and flourish on their own accord?

Depending on the name I choose, picture I present, and general identity I create, this character will interact with other characters in a very unique way; not unlike the physical me in another universe, if the theory is in fact true.

 So are we not previewing, maybe the inevitable reality we each face as human beings, through these web services? Possibly as a way to ease into the notion of actual parallel universes..

This could also mean that having Multiple Personality Disorder actually may stop being a disorder and just being the norm. in society. It may be more beneficial to your own life if you can show off how the original you has branched off into a variety of creative ways. This could even be a way of courting someone. “Oh you JUST have a facebook account..that’s kind of boring”.

In the near future we might each expect/require that we each carry around a variety of personalities at one time. Or socially required…but I may be stretching here.

It could have very well all started with the PC game “The Sims” back in the 90s. The dynamic is different now, as our “trusted” politicians tweet, our favorite celeberties have facebook accounts, and if these characters are only existing in cyberspace, there’s no definite way to ascertain if they are really human.

We also see this “Comment” culture that lives totally anonymously online. Again you can adopt a new identity for each site you comment on. Forcing yourself to wonder “Who is the real me? And maybe we truly are entering an age of mind expansion where the limited physical self, with a singular ego will no longer feed the machine of evolutionary thought?”

Facebook thought of the day

I’m very fascinated by social networking sites, especially Facebook and Myspace. It’s a phenomenon all to it’s own and I have the great privilege to live through it. (How great I’m not so sure?) But I had this idea surrounding Facebook.

What if all of this recording of data is really two fold in its implications. The first reason, which tends to be more cynical, airs like this. The internet is free to use, unregulated, and open to anyone with a computer – but only for a 15-20 year time period. During this period of time, data mining operations are set up across the world, and we are all being individually mined for later use. Whether it be for that government job interview, promotion, or in case of arrest, used against or for you in the court of law.

The second reason for it, which could tend to be more subconscious on a worldwide consciousness level, sounds something like this. All of this recording of data about ourselves, our pictures, our words of wisdom, quotes, are likes and dislikes, is data that we will thankfully have access to when we are much older. We may run into the much dreaded, but on the rise Alzheimer’s disease. Our family will pull up all our files and they will desperately try to get us to respond to anything from our earlier days. Alzheimer’s is a severe example. I should say any disease or accident that occurs, which impairs memory loss – like a stroke/acute amnesia of some sort?

So of course the glass is half full or half empty with both cases. The paradox of the first being that we have all this online freedom to represent our individuality, yet if its all just being used for market research and how to better take aim at our demographic, what are we sacrificing in the end?

Even through blogging here, I’m realizing that I’m too much of a paranoid cynic at times. Although these ideas really lead to sci-fi novels/movies. Maybe my kids will be entertained by them done the line. We shall see.

Spacebook: the coming revolution

So here is my basic premise for “spacebook”. It would operate much in the same way that facebook does. The major difference being the reach of users, as it would operate on more of a universal scale. But you must be thinking, well this isn’t that revolutionary, you’re just widening the scope of the application? Well yes and no. I would be widening the scope, but the information generated through the site would take on a much more flavorful tone. You see once our “other” selves are identified, the site can take root. Until then, this is all just theoretical. Sci-fi and paranormal theorists have often made correlations between our physical selves and our dimensional bodies, or higher/lower consciousness.

“spacebook” would allow users the ability to track their hellish and angelic sides. It would be a triumverate way of communicating with yourself. Of course each entity, or each you, would have free will, and it would no doubt be surreal to communicate with your other selves at first. Your angelic side might be off doing great philanthropic work. This could make you jealous and want to post demeaning things about him or you. So there would be jealousy and all the other human emotions at play. Where as your hellboy may be busy at the club, spreading his seed or possibly disease to all willing participants. This could infuriate you and leave you feeling helpless. However free will is always at play. You wouldn’t be required to be a part of “spacebook”, it would be your choice just like facebook is in disclosing information about your life.

The catch is this. Once you signed up, your two other sides would forever know of your existence and would have the ability to track you down throughout your life. However as the middle physical self, you would initiate this whole process. There would be no gathering of the hellboy and fairyboy in some purgatory realm. No nothing as dramatic as this. The technology will be created by physical man and only physical man will be able to access and start the process.

Now most will surely scoff at this idea and say it’s all rooted in Sci-fi nonsense. Of course most of it is. The practical aspects of course are in the year 2009. But Sci-fi writers have never been afraid to take leaps, it’s part of their genetic structure. Just allow these ideas to gestate in your mind and see where it takes you. I’ll have more to add to this, as this is merely an introduction to the coming revolution.

this could be a bit of precog on my part?