Before The Androids – Pilot Episode 001

On this initial podcast, I venture to distant lands. Just trying to feel this thing out but it’s mostly oriented around a book about a time traveling musical impressario. I also Talk about comedic impressions I messed around with in my 20s and the general psychology around forming an impression. Michael Caine, Arnold, and the typical New England Jabronie I’ve encountered a few times in life. So hop aboard, it’ll probably get much weirder as we go along and hypothetically crush grapes to arrive at the much coveted bottle of fine red wine.


Jim Morrison predicts where music is going 40 years ago


2 basic types of music in America in the future, re-emerging
-Folk music from europe
-Country music

A convergence of these 2 types.
-Black Keys
-Mumford and Sons

-Adele, blues/soulful approach
-pop radio being flooded with 3-4 part harmony
bands, a cross breed of these 2 styles.
-Country Music as a genre
-Country stars becoming more pop influenced

Electronics, tapes
“I can envision one person with a lot of machines, singing or speaking.”
IPOD, Apple products, DJ sets, emergence of this genre
over the last 10-15 years in America.