The Reflective part of our collective history.

We are in the throes of the reflection. Can’t you feel it? Remakes of movies, 70s, 80s, 90s cover bands, and anything else that can be sold as nostalgia – is being sold at an alarming rate. So are we done creating as a collective species? Have we imagined every 3D scenario worth imaging? Our Facebook profiles synthesize our lives in such a precise and border bound way, that we are able to meticulously reflect our inner lives in an accessible outer way. We are able to cast out our own approved reflection to the world. Comic book movies reflect how a director/producer/writer now see the comic book heroes of their youth, on the big screen, with relevant actors of our time, and planting topical thoughts on our current government/economy/media culture. It does feel that through technology and access to information, we’re at a point we’re we can take several steps back and really start to deconstruct our collective history. As if “pre-internet” was more about the pure act of creating in the dark, taking chances on style, music, and expression. Now we’re all able to pick and choose from the sea of media at our fingertips and assimilate exactly what we want into our current mode of living. It’s a refinement phase, where we realize that in a sense there’s nothing left to create, and we’re only interested in duplicating that which is most appealing to our own sensibilities.


The podcast evolution also plays along with this idea of reflection and deconstruction. Comics deconstructing society and their own lives, sometimes up to 2-3 hours on a weekly basis. The listener is able to listen in on these comics own form of self-therapy and maybe gain some insight into their own lives. (Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell, Danielle Bolelli, Marc Maron, and Chelsea Peretti are a few that come to mind.) It’s the moving away from scripted entertainment, towards less fabricated laughs, and more of “the real” as “the real” stands somewhat threatened in the light of computers making everything feel so fabricated and precise in our daily lives. Podcasts preserve “the real” as we assimilate more and more into the beginning stages of The Singularity. In my mind, The Singularity, which was first proposed by Ray Kurzweil, is all about bringing the world together as a collective government, economy, and media outlet. It feels quite threatening to some of us, because a large part of our psyche is still tribal and still bound to an older biblical sense of ownership over other humans and land. As resources become more finite and populations expand, this idea of nations living and dying off by themselves will become more apparent. You already see it with the paradigm of dictators being exposed and the idea of one ruler getting away with whatever they want, simply not being able to persist as the rampant availability of cameras/social media forces us as a collective to start figuring out what the collective rights/wrongs should be going forward.

This comes back to this generation being a more reflective generation. We’re really all going through thorough history lessons, in order that the rest of this century isn’t just some repetitive take on what came before. The internet has in a sense been created and excelled at such a fast rate, in order that enough people wake up to the damage that is already done or will continue to be done if at least personal changes are not made.



Liquid Matrix Mixing More with Outer Field Energy Bursts

my sticky web slowly over this millenial time – tries to conspire, inspire, reignite, long lost infinite fires, word here, a like there, a poke all around the interglobe. we become more intertwined, more refined, similar, so similar but, in an all encompassing orgiastic socialistic spiritual reunion, finally…we’ve waited long for this and no fat cat republicans gonna drag us down! Persons without recognizable names! MITT, NEWT, HERMAN, RAND…these are surely mars invaders! some reptilian stronghold exisiting thousands of years away from us..but somehow these slimy, green bucked reptilian shills, shape shifting debauchery, fallen gods of puny planets. Look at the Newt alone! this man exhumes a kind of soul sucking inner vision, that prevents his eyes to every fully open, these slimy little impetuous sliver eyes, gawking and sneering at how far us “humans” have made it. as he remembers that slowling the natural evolutionary progression, is his only mortal task.

yes and barack obama, not so sure of his orgin, but he at least seems for progression, upward mobility. embracing all the wide shades of white and black and brown that serve to pull us in rather than creating more seperatist business mogules, that really only wish to invade other planets for mining resources, to bring back to earth to become richer, fatter in ego and grandiose whiteness!

this is all that visions seems to be relaying now. george harrison was this kind of mega man, street fighter, a spiritual street fighter, using his cookie cutter, apple endorsed and produced, slick pop records, to become fully accessible. then george, cunningly, all along plotting this spiritual masquerade to fill stadiums, raise millions for bangladesh within a few nights…a magic man, a transcended krist-krishna being. this is why we stay alive…who may present themselves as this next guru savior?

will it take us to get well into our 70s before we are able to look back and recognize, just who was on our own generations teamlife?¬†im no longer interested in what my fingers have to say, it’s more so that the energy swirls percolating around my scally, almost reptilian encrusted digits. its accessing this mysteriously, syrupy flow of psychical energy. its accessing it and then translating it through metaphor, and not tired, hackneyed metaphor. jump off your page energistic. went into church tonight, on a complete¬†whim. was out walking the town and saw that the lot to the local catholic church was well full, then it dawned on methat it was 6 pm on saturday, the 2nd mass of the day. so i hesitated, would it make me too paranoid, uneasy? then my adventursome side surely kicked in and pushed me through the doors. people in front of me having no clue i was physically there, surely viewing my heathenly energy as something repellent and distasteful, giving me official ghost status. alrighty then.

surely it all read like a pathetic fairly tale. repetitive fairly tale lessons for “grown” adults, well maybe they’re just not that grown. maybe my generation was forced to grow up faster and thus avoiding the waste of time that religion would be to our own souls. maybe time is so long and it takes a vast number of generations to attend church regularly, as they would need these moral lessons in order that they not really be so reactive to their neighbors, so violent, so chauvanistic. but as our generation has really sprung up in this new social network, all accessible information age, we’ve had to grow at a quicker rate…avoiding the fairy tales, taking on this aquarius, scientist first, emotional energy later. maybe this is where we’re at now, maybe i’m just within my own reality right now, using others to mirror my micro-ness on a more macro-matrix.