Trader Joe’s Super Green Food: Most viewed post?

My most viewed post on this blog, by far has been the one I did on the ingredients in “Trader Joe’s Super Green Powder.” I find this kind of funny, considering most of this blog has been about my life in music and opinions on music in general.

I figure there’s so much interest because this basic information is hard to find online. For whatever reason, Trader Joe’s website does not post this information. It was a great product and it did give me a kind of burst of energy, but I got sick of having to mix it with juice or water everyday. Recently I picked up a bottle of “Garden of Life: Perfect Food Raw Green Super Food.” 240 capsules in one bottle and the recommended serving size is 8 capsules. I’ve found that 4 is plenty to get somewhat of an overall boost in mental clarity, energy, and improved digestion. It’s also good to know that I’m getting a majority of greens that I’d hardly ever get on a regular basis.

*And I assure you, I’m receiving no compensation for the endorsement of these products.