Parallel Universes and the way we experience “ourselves” right now

A thought popped into my head about web use. Recently I’ve randomly heard/read quite a few interviews which have dealt with the idea of parallel universes. And my proposal is this:

Could it be possible, that by branching off all over the web, each of us as individuals are creating are own parallel web universes? If I create seperate identities for Twitter, wordpress, gmail, aol, yahoo, myspace, facebook, etc, etc…Am I not in effect allowing for these seperate identities to thrive and flourish on their own accord?

Depending on the name I choose, picture I present, and general identity I create, this character will interact with other characters in a very unique way; not unlike the physical me in another universe, if the theory is in fact true.

 So are we not previewing, maybe the inevitable reality we each face as human beings, through these web services? Possibly as a way to ease into the notion of actual parallel universes..

This could also mean that having Multiple Personality Disorder actually may stop being a disorder and just being the norm. in society. It may be more beneficial to your own life if you can show off how the original you has branched off into a variety of creative ways. This could even be a way of courting someone. “Oh you JUST have a facebook account..that’s kind of boring”.

In the near future we might each expect/require that we each carry around a variety of personalities at one time. Or socially required…but I may be stretching here.

It could have very well all started with the PC game “The Sims” back in the 90s. The dynamic is different now, as our “trusted” politicians tweet, our favorite celeberties have facebook accounts, and if these characters are only existing in cyberspace, there’s no definite way to ascertain if they are really human.

We also see this “Comment” culture that lives totally anonymously online. Again you can adopt a new identity for each site you comment on. Forcing yourself to wonder “Who is the real me? And maybe we truly are entering an age of mind expansion where the limited physical self, with a singular ego will no longer feed the machine of evolutionary thought?”

Beyond Twitter?

What comes beyond Twitter? What are web designers thinking up right now as I write this? I recently saw an interview on the Colbert Report with Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and he said something to the effect of, “The messaging system we didn’t know we needed until we had it.” But this statement speaks volumes in dealing with start up sites. The dynamic of allowing the individual to make as much noise as they want to, within the structured confines of a larger community or group of followers. Facebook has this same app. on their site which allows users to constantly update their status and allows their friends slices of info. to compare and contrast with past “tweets”, in order to round off the personality we knew before signing up for such and such a service.

I think the next application will be even more instantaneous. No words, just pictures. We’ll all have minuscule cameras implanted into one of our retina’s and up to date pictures could be taken at will. The tech. may be a few years off, but stay with me. After it was installed into the user, it would work like this. The user would simply look at something, hold their eye closed for 5 seconds and the image would be automatically transmitted wirelessly to a specific site much like twitter. No USB cables, all done through the air.  I think nanotechnology may be the answer for an application like this.


But can we imagine a society where everyone is inherently carrying around a camera with them? Would this entirely erase privacy? Then you would have a hierarchical breakdown of who in any given room had the money for one of these devices and what there intentions were with them? Besides the moral issues, this kind of chronicling could be a lot closer then we imagine.

Twitter is based off of quick text based streams of info. Isn’t it logical to imagine photography to be next? Of course cell phones exist, but their too much like actual cameras, as you must position the picture, and open whatever service to send the picture. This is sci-fi in some ways as it’s all about fusing man with technology. But as laptops and other devices become smaller, again logic would say that complete integration with the human body would make sense.  And of course these technologies are appealing because they’re so inventive and “progressive” but they really make us more predictable as a species. The freedom of expression may seem real, but it’s kind of the opposite in a way. If everyone walked around, able to quickly upload photos of anything, without the other person knowing, how would this affect personal relations?