Watch “Live” concerts in real-time but not really live?

This is a good article that really makes it known that live concerts on demand is fastly approaching. I’ll predict that in 20 years bands will play “live shows” in front of green screens and each user will be able to program their very own backdrop. Then popular music will totally be reduced to an all out gimmick.

But until then it seems that we will be able to stream bands like U2 straight from youtube in real time. I think this is a cool feature and I wouldn’t be surprised if bands put some kind of access code on their physical cds which will allow listeners one free live show to be viewed online.

People will of course want to see their favorites in the flesh, but for someone that lacks the time/money (mostly money) this will put a renewed interest in physical cds, art work, and presentation in general.

Or in let’s say 2100┬ábands will start to clone themselves and you will be the director of your own music video/live show. Allowing each user the unique ability to hear any song they want, even with the option of on demand improvisation! This will be the complete fusion of Rockband and real live rock bands.