Sully Erna turning into a poor man’s Layne Staley

Godsmack the name of a killer track of of Alice in Chains breakout album “Dirt” back in 1992. Godsmack the subsequent name of Boston area band “Godsmack”. I’m from the greater Boston area and I’ve always thought Godsmack, the band, to be really good music for pounding beers too – which happened more frequently from the ages of 15-20. Also, being a musician, their first album ironically titled “Godsmack” – was fun to jam out on guitar…while you were drunk, as the riffs were insanely easy. Just drop that low E to D and you were grooving. But the current observation we have before ourselves today concerns Godsmack the band’s somewhat current single, “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain.”

Any Alice in Chains fan will immediately go to “Love, Hate, Love.” So already this peculiar word combination, combined with their name being “Godsmack” – an immediate Lady Gaga is the recycled version of Madonna argument arises in my mind. Even the chorus, as you’ll hear below in “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain” has a similar tone/vibe as the song by Alice in Chains. And then the end of “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain” has a kind of moaning omage to Layne Staley. Just some interesting blogger type observations, do what you will with them.

I totally understand being influenced by a band or a group of bands, as I write music as well. But I was just thinking what you would term a band that is not a cover band,  yet takes so much of its musical approach from a specific band? A tribute band cloaked in the guise as an original act? Who knows. This could be a genius way of marketing yourself and obviously in the case of “Godsmack” they’ve enjoyed quite a long run for such mediocre music.