with great hope and anticipation


We want Palin or the media wants us to want Palin?

She projects are home-based values, our christian altruism that we so heartily invest in. She is a peach of a woman, a real trophy wife for husband Todd. He just gets to lead his humble life in Alaska, playing on snow mobiles, and he is also a commercial salmon fisherman at Bristol Bay on the Nushugak River. Financial statements filed in 2007 show that Palin earned $92,790 from BP and fishing. (wikipedia) Who would have thunk it? Over 90 thousand a year as a commercial fisherman! We people need our omegas and Todd is simply providing that need, albeit it a tough blue collar job. Go Todd!

But the Palin as some kind of Manchurian candidate is an interesting idea. I saw her recently on Conan and she came out after Shatner, reading excerpts from his book “Up Till Now”. And as I was watching her, I wasn’t seeing a politician or future president. No not at all, I was witnessing a future Bonnie Hunt/3 tiers below Oprah, entertaining the good people of Los Angeles. Winking, nodding, smiling cheerfully, and just soaking in the studio lights. I didn’t see policy reformer, someone with a hold on foreign policy, or someone that could motivate a wide range of people. I saw great looks, hollywood wit, and plenty of charm to fill up a network camera.

But it’s about accessibility, not some bookish type that gives monotone speeches devoid of emotion that the everyday american can get behind. We as a people want someone like George Bush, but with a brain to back up the bravado. We got the antithesis of Bush. A brain without enough bravado. The presidency is really becoming or has always been a cult of personality whipping post, that is available to all to project their own hate/displeasure they may have with their own boss/manager.

You start to understand why her supporters are so rabid in declaring their love for her. She’s the anti-politician, in that she displays genuine naivety, really just by the way she feels threatened over every story that gets posted about her. Like there’s no functioning filter to discern what’s sensationalism and real reporting. I suppose you only get this as a seasoned politician. It’s true that with the 24/7 news blitz, modern day politicians are required to fill more shoes than before. Obama set the precedent in writing books before becoming elected to any major office. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some kind of resume prerequisite to be taken seriously when campaigning for the big house. On top of having millions from sponsors, you have to explain where you came from in full detail, be on point with your political agenda (but then fade from that said agenda once elected), and then sell it to the media. Pretty soon big name politicians will have nationally released documentaries about them coming of age in the political game.

Hillary Vs. Sarah 2012. Bring it on